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HI, I had two gentlemen come out today to patch a leak in my roof in my townhouse in Southwood. They did an amazing job! They were courteous, quick and efficient. If it weren’t for the patch on my roof I would not have known they had been there. The gentleman who did the initial consult was also incredible. He took the time to explain to me what he found and how it would be fixed, all while remaining socially distanced and complying with safety precautions. I will be recommending you to family and friends in the future! Thank you. 

Alice Williams

To whom it may concern:

Without any doubt Tallahassee Roofing is an exceptional local company that has integrity, honesty, professionalism and great quality workmanship. After many estimates from roofing competitors, we chose Tallahassee Roofing.   Working with both Tracy and Gene, they provided all the answers to any questions we had concerning our new roof.

They provided many options for new roofs and helped us choose what was right for our home. A big area of importance for us was the Insurance Mitigation Letter we needed for a reduction in Homeowner's Insurance. By applying the second water barrier to our roof and using CertainTeed Shingles, we should see a significant reduction in our rates. Tallahassee Roofing provided all the needed documentation we needed and provided us with very reasonable and competitive roofing rates to do this.

By using their own employees and not just any sub-contractor, I feel that they were more careful with not only putting on the roof, but also with all my surrounding landscaping. They used tarps to cover any flower beds and were very diligent about picking up after themselves. They completed the roof ahead of schedule and did a fantastic debris removal.

My husband and I would definitely recommend Tallahassee Roofing to anyone needing a new roof!!

Sincerely, Patty

April 12, 2011

Tracy, Gene and crew,

Thanks for the excellent job.  You did what you said you would do, when you would do it and finished on time with a great cleanup.

The solar tubes are working out better than expected. Its' a job that we're really proud to show off.

Use use as a reference anytime.

Thanks,   Jim and Sue

December 28, 2009

Thank you so much for replacing the shingles damaged by the workman who installed my security system. Please find enclosed a check for $100.00.

Mr. Dozier was quite right. You and your employees are perfect gentlemen and excellent at your work. I shall inform others I know who may need your services, especially homeowners like me who may need to feel secure.
Blessings to you and yours.


July 21, 2009

RE: Tallahassee Roofing, Inc.
        Barney E. Taylor, Jr.
To Whom It May Concern,
It is not uncommon that I’m asked to write a letter of reference for someone and it is a good feeling when I can express my true thoughts without reservation. This is one of those “good feeling” times.
I have personally known and conducted business with the management team of Tallahassee Roofing for many years. Throughout this time my appreciation for their thoroughness, integrity, and professionalism has grown. There is a mutual level of respect and trust between us and that comfort is well earned and is never taken for granted.
They have shown the ability to produce and provide invaluable guidance on many projects. They are considered to be a part of our team of advisors and we have learned to heed their advice.
This group has my highest recommendation and you will do yourself well by associating with them. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call.

April 5, 2010
To Whom It May Concern:
I strongly recommend Tallahassee Roofing to meet your roofing needs! In today’s competitive environment, this kind of quality and customer service is seldom seen, yet most appreciated.
From explaining their estimate to the actual roofing to contacting subcontractors for me (I needed other work too), Gene and Tracy Taylor showed exceptional personal service and a willingness to ensure I was well taken care of. His roofing team was also very professional and expressed a strong desire to please, always answering my questions and meeting my specific requests. The finished roof is beautiful, they did a first rate job!
Tallahassee Roofing’s pricing was right in line with its competitors, but when you look at their quality of work and their personalized service, you can’t go wrong. This is one of the best companies we have used, and was a true pleasure to work with!

To Whom It May Concern:
The purchase of a new roof was a major investment for us and we needed to feel comfortable with our decision. We contracted 6 companies for estimates. Some were very expensive while others were giving us an s little as 8 days to decide. Tallahassee Roofing answered all of our questions without putting any pressure on us. We also checked them out for any complaints filed against them, NONE were found. They installed our roof in less than 2 days. They even took the time to protect our flower beds from any debris and we have yet to find 1 roofing nail in the yard. The crew was pleasant and very hard working. I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing roofing repairs or a new roof.
Thanks for a job well done!
Mr. and Mrs. Moran

October 15, 2010
Without reservation, it is my pleasure to recommend Tallahassee Roofing Inc, for your residential roofing needs.
Being an obsessive-compulsive perfectionist, it is rare that my expectations are met, but Tallahassee Roofing, Inc. exceeded my every expectation.
Timely. Within one day of requesting it, Tracy provided a comprehensive quote with material samples and all the possible options I would need to compare bids and make a decision. Tracy said they would schedule the work within a couple of weeks, but he was able to move the time up which was nice since I don’t like to wait for anything. Tallahassee roofing, Inc. got the city’s permit and then the crew was so fast, they had over 30 squares done in less than two days. That is fast!
Quality Material. I wanted all the wind mitigation options covered so having the self adhering secondary water resistance material was very important to me and Tracy made sure that was among the options and at reasonable rates. The CertianTeed Landmark architectural shingle was exactly the look and quality I wanted. And to top it off, the curb skylights were not available for the advanced schedule so Tracy upgraded to the Sky-Tek self-flashing skylights that look fantastic and again at a reasonable price.
Quality Workmanship. I scrutinized every stage of production and took pictures to prove to the insurance companies all the wind mitigation that was installed. The crew could not have been any neater. Almost all the old roof material was placed by hand into the trailer and the rest was caught by large tarps and then carried to the trailer and hauled away. I’ve tried, but I can’t find any nails left behind. The installation of the new decking was perfectly square, the self-adhering underlay and shingles were installed flat and straight, and the new skylights- perfect. While Tallahassee Roofing, Inc., provided a 10-year warranty on their labor; I’m sure I won’t ever need it.
Honest. I rarely trust anyone, but Tracy was an immediate exception. Since I knew exactly what I wanted I could tell Tracy’s responses to all my questions and expectations were truthful. With Tracy, a handshake was all I needed. What a relief it was to be able to rely on someone to do a great job.
Competitive Pricing. Look no further because you won’t find the honesty, integrity, quality material, and quality workmanship at competitive rates that Tallahassee Roofing Inc., delivers.

December 2, 2008
Gene Taylor
Tallahassee Roofing Inc.
5521 Tower Road
Tallahassee, FL 32303
Re: Re-roof of my home
Dear Gene,
Even though I normally do not write letters about services I have purchased, I was compelled to write to you. My wife and I are completely happy with our new roof. It is amazing how much difference the architectural shingles, you suggested, make in the sidewalk appeal of our home.
Your men in your crew were prompt, courteous and professional. The job was completed on time and within the estimate you provided. After the job was completed, there was not even a single nail left on our property.
Our neighbors have all commented on the improvement to our home and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you and your staff for a most enjoyable experience.